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20 Celebrities Before and After Plastic Surgery

Celebrities Before and After Plastic Surgery

1. Lindsay Lohan
Can you spot the difference? Yep, it’s Lindsay Lohan’s mouth. Duck lips on the right and human lips on the left.

2. Lil Kim
Lil Kim looks like she got a full face transplant. Actually, she kind of did. She reportedly got a nose job, cheek implants and lip injections

3. Rumer Willis
Rumer Willis reportedly got her chin shaved down, got her top lip filled with collagen and got a boob job. It also looks like she got a good blowout and some hair extensions

4. Heidi Montag
Heidi Montag got 10 plastic surgeries done in one day! She got lipo, breast implants, butt augmentation, a nose job, chin reduction, surgery on her ears to pin them down, Botox and fillers. Mind you, she was 24 when she got all these procedures.

5. Megan Fox
Nobody knows exactly what Megan Fox has had done to her face, but it’s clear she has like, a different face. Though she will deny it, the rumor is that she had lip injections, a nose job and Botox.

6. Keira Knightley
Keira reportedly got a nose job and some collagen lip injections and while she’s always talked about wanting a boob job, she has yet to get one.

7. Meg Ryan
Meg Ryan's career hit a standstill at about the same time her face met a plastic surgeon. She reportedly got a Gore-Tex lip implant, which enhances lip muscles. She got fat grafting into her cheeks as well as a rumored neck and forehead lift and the always popular, Botox

8. Haylie Duff
Haylie Duff reportedly got her chin shaved down and a nose job and now she looks a lot more like her sister Hilary.

9. Donatella Versace
What hasn't Donatella Versace done to her face/body? Her butt... she hasn't had butt implants. And nobody tell her that it's possible.

10. Sarah Jessica
Remember on "Sex and the City" when Sarah Jessica Parker had that signature mole? Yeah, it's not there anymore. SJP also had a boob job and a nose job.

11. Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera was rumored to have had a nose job, we like the first nose better, and some collagen lip injections and rumored liposuction after the birth of her son.

12. Madonna
Madonna has one of the best facelifts in Hollywood. Look at it! Her face never ages! Plus, she had her cheeks plumped up with fat grafting.

13. Ashlee Simpson
Ashlee Simpson notoriously got a nose job. You have to Google Ashlee Simpson pre-nose job if you even want to find an old photo of her.

14. Ashley Tisdale
Ashley Tisdale also got a nose job, a really good one at that. Do we also detect a hint of lip injections?

15. Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman is known for her frozen Botox face, plus she got cheek injections.

16. Britney Spears
Not spoken about often, but Britney Spears has had a nose job.

17. Ryan Had
The Internet is claiming that Ryan Gosling had a nose job! How dare they? Burn it to the ground!

18. Jennifer Connelly
Jennifer Connelly's nose got the shrinky dinky nose job treatment.

19. Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne got a nose job. What was wrong with it before? She should get a style implant and not plastic surgery.

20. Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock is another celeb that proves you need to replace your nose in order to make it in Hollywood, apparently.

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