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BEGINNERS- Play Your First Fingerstyle Song in 60 MINUTES! [Beginner Fingerpicking For Guitar]

Download the free Study Guide here: http://acousticguitarvideos.com/play-your-first-fingerstyle-song-in-60-minutes/

Attention Beginners… Here’s a very easy fingerstyle song for you to learn in a series called “Play your first fingerstyle song in 60 Minutes.

This series of 6 video lessons and study guide are designed for beginners of the guitar who want to learn fingerpicking (Fingerpicking For Beginners). If you are just starting out on the guitar this song uses 1 fingered chords throughout the entire song. This makes getting how to play guitar so much easier on the left hand- in fact, we don’t even have to change notes for 2 of the chords (A7sus2 to Em).

This system of 1 fingered beginner guitar chords we have titled: “The Gateway Chord Method” is perfect to learn fingerstyle guitar for beginners and not have to struggle with the left hand (Quick start guitar course) . A brief explanation of what’s involved with this system is, the right picking hand only plays the “good notes” which frees up the left hand to use much simpler 1 and 2 fingered chords. So as an example, forming a standard 3 fingered A and D Chord is not necessary.

Even though the right hand is playing somewhat of a complex pattern and the song featured here sounds sophisticated, using 1 fingered chords makes this perfect for students who want to get going quickly on the guitar, rather than spending months learning standard chords and still not being able to play a song. Getting your right hand up to speed is just a matter of repetition. Later on, there will be plenty enough time to learn the standard chords but this process will make learning chords a lot easier.

Bob Harris, the instructor in this video who has been teaching beginner students since 1977 says that he found most students find the right picking hand much easier to coordinate than the left hand. Bob says ”I think this has a lot to do with the fact that most people are right handed.”

The “Gateway Chord System” is much easier to learn fingerpicking guitar, and this series featuring an easy fingerstryle song for beginners doesn't sound like a beginner guitar songs (but it is). Bob is hoping that this easy song for beginners will keep many from getting frustrated and quitting. “If students can just make it past the 6th month threshold, I find that person almost 100% of the time playing and enjoying the guitar for the rest of their life.”

So if you are wanting to learn fingerstyle guitar and also a very easy beginner guitar song all at the same time, you have come to the right place. Lessons are slow, detailed and designed for the beginner.


I want to give special thanks to Cordoba Guitars for releasing How to Play Fingerstyle Guitar
How to Play Fingerstyle Guitar
Cordoba Guitars https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-9O9RNLskw

Continue with this series using these links in order:

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Translated titles:
Principiantes: ¡toque su primera canción con estilo de dedo en 60 minutos! [Principiante tocando la

Anfänger - spiel dein erstes Fingerstyle Lied in 60 Minuten! [Anfänger Fingerpicking für Gitarre]

Débutants - jouez votre première chanson en 60 minutes! [Fingerpicking débutant pour guitare]

初心者 - 60分で最初の指のスタイルの曲を演奏してください! [ギターのための初心者の指ピッキング]

დამწყებთათვის - 60 წუთის განმავლობაში თქვენი პირველი ფენი სტილის სიმღერა! [დამწყები თითბერიკი

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