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Hello Guys ♥;

Here we are with our newest MEP.
This time we had a special theme.
The given theme for this MEP was: '' Collaborating with your Idol on YT '' - I will give a further explanation.

So every LimS Member had to pick a Part and share this Part with his/her Youtube ( Editor ) Idol or Inspiration. I honestly enjoyed this Theme so much, it was fun to work with so many amazing editors and it was actually really interresting to see who's giving our Members the most Inspiration here on Youtube.

I wanna credit Sammeh for the Idea. I really liked it dear ♥. And i wanna thank the Idols for participating. Im honestly amazed by the outcome because every Part looks like its made by one Editor. So well done guys, im proud ♥;


And... i have to announce that im going to leave LimousineStudio after this MEP. It's really hard for me to explain the reason. I actually never wanted to leave and i actually dont want to but i have to. Because I honestly think its better when I leave. There are so many things which happened recently..not even recently. It's just that i dont feel comfortable anymore and its such a worse feeling for me. Im NOT the founder of LimS but LimS will always have a special place for me. And i will ALWAYS support the Studio even when I leave.

I wanna mention some special editors before I leave the Studio.

First of all i would like to thank Sarah the ex coleader who left the Studio with me together.. Sarah thank you so much for all the support and thank you so much for replacing so many Parts in the last few minutes, you honestly did so much for me and the Studio and it means alot to me and i will NEVER forget what you did.

Secondly i would like to thank the Designers Mary, Vivi and especially Jean for the Designs you made for LimS. I appreciated your work and i always admired your designs and im so thankful for the support and help. I will never forget this girls ! ♥ Y'all amazing :33

Thirdly i would like to thank Alicia ( TheLoaLok ) for the amazing LimS Intro you did. You know how much i love your editing dear :3

And last but not least... Melanie ♥ ;
I'm really happy that i got to know you better during the LimS Leader Contest and meeting you was probably one of the best things which happened since i joined and i really appreciate the support you gave me during the Contest. It was a huge honor to ''lead'' this amazing studio with you together Mel. Thank you so much !

And thanks Fra for...everything. :)


So guys... i really hope that you all will remember the 2O15 LimS.
I had a great year with the Members and i will never forget the experience i had with LimS. LimS will always be one of my favorite Studios next to SNS.

I'm deeply sorry If i disappointed anyone with my decission.
But as I said, its a good decission.

And i wish LimS and Fra the best from now on.

Farewell ~ ♥

- Hans


( ft. IDOL )

INTRO - BreathingMotion8D
1 - ProjectTrash ft. artificialari - Durarara
2 - iiAririkixIdol ft. xTanikoYumi - Love Live
3 - YouBetterDream & kirmazah - Charlotte
4 - xHikariAMVs ft. Purplx - K-ON!
5 - xanmoyux ft. jesiii97 - Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo
6 - DarkFanFrontier ft. MeguriNoTsubasa - Amagi Brilliant Park
7 - xKagamiYolo ft. LadyKuro - Kuroko no Basket
8 - SconesNWaffles ft. HeichouSWAGx - Haikyuu
9 - TheJellyJug ft. xImmatureKidx - Kill La Kill
10 - xVenko ft. LopMoniify - Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo
11 - xmissleti92x ft. Enoriia - Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
12 - CanimeStudios ft. AnimezzTV - Tonari no kaibutsu kun
13 - AzureStarx3 ft. CaZyBunny - Rosario Vampire
14 - xTsuisou ft. whimsicfrotune21 - Pokemon
15 - Bluestarlight97 ft. Hikarukiu2 - Noragami
16 - Ladyhonoka15 ft. xXAMVSAVESIMULATORXx - Shokugeki no...
17 - xRuRinify ft. LillieJuxx - Kuroko no Basket
18 - AnimezzTV ft. LittleErdbeerchen - One Piece
19 - Bl4Bl4 ft. jesii97 - HxH
20 - iBlueRockerx3 ft. HeichouSWAGx - K-ON!


PROGRAMS: Sony Vegas, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop
SONG: HELLO by Karmin ( extension by AnimezzTV )


FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/LimousineStudio
TWITTER : https://twitter.com/LimousineStudi0

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