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Rod Stewart - AVO Session Basel Full Concert 14&15-nov-2012

AVO Session Festival, Musical Theater, Basel Switzerland.
Full concert at 1080p, includes drum solo and Christmas encore (3 christmas songs).
Main concert was recorded on november 15th and the Christmas encore comes from november 14th.
Special thanks to my friend Christophe Cocoual (France) for recording the drum solo wich was not broadcasted and thanks to my friend Stefano Pavesi (Italy) for providing additional footage from first row (I don't want to talk about it, Sweet little rock'n' roller and Maggie May' close-ups).

Blame www.musicnight.sf.tv producers for the misspeling of Rod's last name at minute 01:17:56, not me.

Band (from left to right, bottom to front)

Percussion & Aditional Drums: Matt O'Connor.
Drums: David Palmer.
Keyboards & Band Leader: Chuck Kentis.

Violin, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar & aditional B.Vocals : J'anna Jacoby.
Guitar: Don Kirkpatrick.
Bass: Conrad Korsch.
Guitar: Paul Warren.

Sax & Aditional Percussion: Katja Rierckermann.
Trumpet & Aditional Percussion: Anne King.
Sax: Jimmy Roberts.

Backing Vocals: Kimmi Johnson.
Backing Vocals: Lucy Woodward.
Backing Vocals: Di Reed.

Aditional Strings on acoustic and christmas sets: Unknown names, talented local musicians directed by J'anna Jacoby.

Aditional Acoustic Guitar on I dont want to talk about it by Don Kirkpatrick' guitar tech.
Thank you to Tim Doros for taking the time to mark the start time on each song.

Track list:
01 - 00:00:36 Having a Party
02 - 00:04:10 Tonight's the Night
03 - 00:07:30 Some Guys Have All the Luck
04 - 00:12:15 Forever Young
05 - 00:18:10 Rhythm of My Heart
06 - 00:24:03 Downtown Train
07 - 00:32:12 Have I Told You Lately
08 - 00:36:55 The First Cut Is the Deepest
09 - 00:42:04 I Don't Want To Talk About It
10 - 00:46:44 Sweet Little Rock & Roller
11 - 00:51:51 Proud Mary (Di Reed on Vocals)
12 - 00:56:30 Maggie May
13 - 01:02:05 Baby Jane
14 - 01:06:25 Da Ya Think I'm Sexy
15 - 01:12:09 Sailing
16 - 01:17:30 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
17 - 01:22:00 Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
18 - 01:24:57 Auld Lang Syne

Compilation, post-video editing and audio EQ:
Antonio España.

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